Erik Rijpert

Driven B2B sales expert, specialized in creating new busines

Are you looking for a highly driven salesperson, specialized in creating new business with more than 30 years of experience? Then look no further. Have extensive international experience in B2B sales of FMCG/Non Food/Private Label. Focus sales mainly in Europe but also America, the Middle East and Asia. Sales to both retail and distributors all over the world, including many large and well-known companies. I also have managerial experience, but my greatest strength is bringing in new customers and succeeding where other salespeople fail. Experience the most satisfaction in acquiring new customers and maximizing collaboration. I am insatiable in this, even with more than 30 years of experience, and see this process as a top sport in which I always want to come out on top. I achieve this by empathizing with the customer and identifying their needs and then convincing them of the added value I can offer. I also work on receiving trust by building a relationship. Always remain eager to gain new knowledge and experiences and although very experienced, I continue to open myself up to continue to grow as a person and a salesperson. For me, a condition for a collaboration is that I must feel a match with the company and the product. I would like to be my own customer and then I would dare to guarantee a high degree of success in advance. My personal motto is: Underpromise and overdeliver!
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