Grace's first weeks in Sellai

Grace is Sellai’s first sales agent from the Netherlands and her start has been truly inspiring. After only a few weeks at Sellai, she is already starting her first client project. We interviewed Grace about her feelings after the first few weeks.
Why did you choose to join Sellai? “I felt a good vibe from the first meeting and the vibe really clicked with me. The moment I stepped in, I felt like I was part of a close network rather than a newbie because of the freedom to express my ideas. Also, Sellai’s team was very proactive asking for my ideas and feedback.
I had high expectations, not just for the company, but for myself. I wanted to be among the best, to learn from them, and to push my limits. Sellai seemed like the perfect platform for that. Also, the company culture wasn't just a buzzword, people were willing to help and share their own expertise.”
How was your first weeks? “The first week I attended a three-day orientation and onboarding. The sessions were focused on learning about the company and getting to know the sales process. The onboarding process was very well organized. I got all the necessary information you need to start and succeed as a sales consultant and find your first gig.
After the first week, I’ve been learning about the market in the Netherlands and where to fit Sellai. I’ve also had a few matchmaking meetings already with potential clients and I’ve learned a lot about the client’s side.
I received a very warm welcome and the team already took the time to meet with me and understand what types of projects I'm looking for. Sales can usually be very competitive but in Sellai I feel like everybody’s just helping each other to succeed and I really appreciate that.”
What is the biggest thing you have learned about our matchmaking meetings? “I quickly understood that it wasn't just about selling, but about creating meaningful, lasting connections. Come in prepared and make sure that you’ve done your research to understand who you are talking with and what are their pain points. It’s important to ask questions so you can understand the client’s needs.”
How did you get your first client? "My first client came through one of these matchmaking meetings. I was proactive in asking a lot of questions and I met other sales agents. Sellai has sales agents in different countries so they might already have existing clients who are interested in expanding their business to a new market. So being proactive definitely helps when you are looking for new clients.”
Have there been any challenges you have come across? “In the beginning time management was a challenge for me. However, once you get a hang of things and the processes and make sure that you are on top of your tasks and your activities, then you'll find that you'll be more efficient later on. And again, if you feel like you're stuck the team is always there to help.”
What are you expecting from the future? “I'm really excited to start my first client project. I feel like I had a really good connection with the client. I'm also really looking forward to expanding Sellai in the Netherlands and growing the team here.”
Grace's journey at Sellai is off to an inspiring start. Her enthusiasm for the future is evident as she looks forward to her first client project and contributing to Sellai's growth in the Netherlands.