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Curated Sales Experts on a Monthly SubscriptionWhy Sellai?

Recruiting in-house is slow, expensive and inflexible. SDR services work only in high-volume sales.


    Start selling 10x faster than with traditional recruiting. Instant access to Sellai’s curated network of sales professionals means you can hire seasoned experts in a click.


    Pay monthly, cancel anytime. Do your sales fluctuate seasonally? No problem. Adjust your salesperson’s scope and workloads on-the-fly, and minimize overstaffing risks.


    Scaling to a new market? Pick freelance sales experts with local experience who can help you more effectively than any behind-a-desk cold caller.


    Avoid bloated recruitment costs and hidden side expenses. Get the expertise you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it.


    Sellai’s exclusive network of freelancers brings the best sales professionals to your business. You can focus on your product while they focus on selling.

Did you know that recruiting is slow, expensive and risky. On average it takes over six months and at least 15,000 euros to recruit a salesperson. Despite the upfront investment often the recruitment still fails.

Your Portal to B2B Sales ExpertsWhat's Sellai?

What do I get with Sellai?

You get a seasoned B2B sales expert in your corner, without lengthy and risky hiring processes. Find freelancers on the Sellai platform quickly and easily, who bring proven sales processes and apply their experience to sell your product, on your terms.

What do the salespeople do?

The freelance sales experts will work to build your sales. Whether it’s making cold calls, crafting personalized emails and DMs, or facilitating sales meetings and creating offers, your salesperson will fight in your corner to win those high-value deals that matter most to your business.

How is this different from other freelancing sites?

Sellai’s freelancer network is a carefully curated community of sales experts. They have industry specific expertise, which combines with Sellai’s best practises for a winning B2B sales operation. From CRM proficiency, compelling sales messages, and efficient multi-channel sales strategies to professional positioning, ICP canvas and more, you get far more than a salesperson, you get the experience of an expert community.

The Sellai approach isn't just effective; it's proven. Our long lasting client relationships speak volumes about our consistent performance!

4 Simple Steps to Start SellingHow it works

  • 1

    Free matchmaking

    Get your ideal salesperson from Sellai’s curated talent network. We can pinpoint the most suitable freelancer for your business type rapidly, easily, and for free.

  • 2

    Kick-off workshop

    Salespeople on the Sellai network come armed with our tried and true templates and sales processes to make it easy to get started quickly. Together, we’ll define your positioning, value proposition, target groups, and dream customers in half a day.

  • 3

    Track your progress

    Every sales activity is tracked in your Sellai Workspace. This unique, transparent approach means that you only pay for work that you see is done. Your B2B sales freelancer logs key activities and shares insights daily in the Sellai Workspace, meaning you have an unprecedented view on what is happening in your sales process.

  • 4

    Boost what works, drop what doesn’t

    Thanks to the transparency of the Sellai Workspace, you can pinpoint exactly what brings results, and where improvements can be made. Ramp up successful activities, and rethink or improve failing strategies quickly in real time.

Local freelance salespeople in Europe, experienced across 40+ industriesPricing

AI-powered Sales Automation

From 1990€/month

For any B2B company wanting to do effective and systematic contacting without spamming.

Pricing: starting from 1990€/month

* recommended to combine with Local Sales Executive or Sales Lead

What you get:

Sales-ready leads with systematic automation of outreach.

Sales automation built by a local sales specialist

Monthly upkeep, including copywriting

New prospects every month

B2B Sales Executive

From 45€/h

For B2B companies in need of additional resources to enhance current sales.

Pricing: 45€ - 90€/h

Part-time or full-time

What you get:

Multichannel sales work done by a B2B Account Executive.

A pre-vetted, high-performing sales expert

Sales work done based on goals and KPIs

Ideal for:hitting growth targets, opening new markets, seasonal sales, or new product launches.

Senior Sales Leader

From 90€/h

For B2B companies seeking senior-level sales leadership to manage growth.

Pricing: 90€ - 150€/h

Usual allocation: 15 - 80 h/month

What you get:

Senior-level sales services for growth and scaling strategies.

Managing new customer acquisition

End-to-end sales funnel management and development of the sales strategy

Improving the performance of sales teams

Commission Deals

From 30% - 100%

of first order value

For established and scaling B2B companies.

Freelancer commission: 30% - 100%

Usual allocation: 15 - 80 h/month

What you get:

Results-driven salespeople to boost sales.

Commission-based deals are applicable when there's a proven product market fit and predictable revenue.

Check if you qualify for commission-based pricing.
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Meet the Salespeople in the Sellai Network

Freelance sales experts on Sellai are highly educated, hard core salespeople experienced in over 40 industries.

Ilkka Laine

Experienced sales agent with passion to complex services. Professional in service and sales design according client responses. Despite complex client cases I still love cold calling. *5 years in Sellai *20 + client projects *eMBA in Service Excellence *Special Degree in Management *BBA *SWC Top Producers Edge *Get Sales - Myynnin Fundamentit *Special offer - all Sales work +60 h / month for 90 € / h*

MVP of Sellai for 3 times and more to come / winner of the "Thomas booking engine -Award" with the best result in agreeing on quality meetings for client / Winner of Clients Choice Award for the best client reviews


Is this your dream salesperson?

"Sales is hard work, I call, email, message, and DM customers on social media to reach the dream customers. It’s multichannel heavy lifting, and I thrive on it." - Pauliina

Our Happy Customers Include SMEs, Startups and Public Companies:

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